CatPrez is the Catalogue Presentation tool - a read-only Linked Data interface for the online delivery of Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT) - Version 2 catalogs.

CatPrez is one of the only, perhaps the only, DCAT2-native catalogue.

It is based on the pyLDAPI toolkit that implements the Content Negotiation by Profile W3C & IETF candidate standard for Internet-based content retrieval according to data specifications (profiles).

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W3ID Profiles Catalogue


CatPrez is used for two domain catalogues:

  1. Profiles Catalogue - a general-purpose catalogue of profiles, that is, specifications defined according to the Profiles Vocabulary
  2. DGGS Catalogue - a listing of information assets relevant to the OGC ‘s Testbed 16 Discrete Global Grid experiments

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Instances of CatPrez can be deployed for practically any cataloguing purpose. Please Contact Us to find out more.