New Challenges

SURROUND recognises that many organisations are facing new and very challenging data issues: sometimes their traditional approaches have lagged their data volumes or complexity, perhaps they are now being asked to be more efficient or just deliver more from the data they have.

How we can help

SURROUND contains staff with many years of experience in large-scale and distributed complex data environments. Staff have participated in government data initiatives and international interoperable data systems building. These staff are available to assist you in either tuning your approaches to data mangement to ensure they are keeping pace with the changing world or to assist you in making a transformative change to a new way of operating, if such a change is required.

Please do ask about consulting in ay of the following areas:

See our Case Studies to read about how we have assited organisations do this sort of thing already.

Assistance beyond consulting

SURROUND often recommends cutting edge approaches to clients for data governance that are based on Semantic Web principles. This is because Semantic Web approaches lead to data that contains meaning - strong definitions and powerful relationships to other data - which is does not depend on the particular systems used to house/deliver it, such as legacy databases or API stacks. This allows organisations to truely come to grips with their most important asset, their knowledge, as realised in data, and frees them from specific systems slavery (vendor lock in etc.).

We do hope that, with effective consulation, organisations will be able to press independently having developed new staff skills, structures and procedures.

We also know that managing Semantic Web data can still be difficult, even with the right people and skills, simply due to the scale and complexity of modern data environemnts. For this reason, SURROUND supports a number of Semantic Web data management products that, once an organisation has developing semantic data, it might benefit from using.

Please see our Products:

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Some of our products are themselves data, not management systems (see Gov Knowledge Graph). Better than having tools to manage your data is to have data that’s valuable to you managed for you!

If you are interested in a large, well-curated and maximally interoperable set of data about government, please do give GovKG a look!