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Solutions for knowledgeable and transparent government

Explainable decisions through connected data

Context is key to transforming data and information into knowledge.

Whether local, state, or federal, government agencies are held to a high standard of data integrity, with accurate reporting a must. They are responsible to citizens for cost effectiveness, best practice data management and security, and excelling in citizen service. 

Since accountability is key, SURROUND is dedicated to providing solutions for enriching the insights gained from data, in order to better serve the community and public service through essential government services.  

Why connected data is essential 

We all want to know that the metadata and data our governments collect are secure and purposeful.

SURROUND can ensure metadata and data are properly managed through tools specifically designed to provide efficiencies, meaningful insights, and accurate reporting. With tools specifically designed for developing these capabilities, government agencies can prove transparency, and offer the best outcomes for citizens based on access to connected knowledge. 

The SURROUND solution

SURROUND assists Governments to enrich metadata and data with our unique and highly effective software tools and methods. With actionable data, better insights, and accurately informed decision-making, government agencies can connect and collaborate more productively and effectively to deliver beneficial policy outcomes.

The Government Knowledge Graph (GovKG), knowledge graphs layered with comprehensive reporting capabilities, connects the function of government to the structure of government. In conjunction with other connected knowledge graphs, it provides the context necessary for correctly interpreting metadata and data. 

GovKG facilitates the transformation of data and information into knowledge, enables intelligent data governance, and empowers government agencies to connect siloed information. 

This enables clarity on expenditure and commitments within government agencies.

Through precise and customisable reporting, the GovKG provides traceability and auditability, thereby significantly decreasing the risk of erroneous decisions.  

Customer Story

The client 

The National Archives of Australia (NAA) is the federal agency that protects and provides access to Australia's cultural heritage. This includes collecting records of Australian government decisions and actions of national cultural importance. The NAA’s processes allow the agency to connect Australians with the nation's memory, identity, and history.

The problem

The NAA collects vast amounts of data from government agencies. Given that these volumes increase exponentially every year, automating processes to accurately classify and sentence (make an archival decision regarding) electronic records is required to deliver better efficiencies and free up expert staff resources. Analytics, reporting, and auditing will further enhance the NAA’s ability to provide the public with greater accountability and insights.  

The solution - SORT (SURROUND Ontology-Powered Records Triage) Robot

The SORT Robot was developed and deployed via collaboration between the NAA and SURROUND, enabling the NAA to discover and preserve nationally significant electronic records. SURROUND provided the ability to convert archival rules into human- and machine-readable format, in order to provide traceability to legislation. Supervised automation enabled transfer of knowledge from skilled archivists to the SORT Robot. Contextual awareness was built into the SORT Robot to enable accurate classification and sentencing of electronic records.

The SORT Robot uses a combination of advanced semantics and machine learning (ML), and provides a comprehensive dashboard and search capability, including drill-down and drill-across capability.

The SORT Robot uses Comparable eXplainable Reasoning (CXR) to:

  • Convert electronic record triaging criteria into machine-readable, executable rules to auto-classify and auto-sentence electronic records.
  • Support record discovery using tagging, faceted search, topic mapping, contextual analysis, deep semantic analysis, and ML.
  • Incorporate feedback by the NAA’s expert archivists on auto-classification results to improve classification and sentencing methods, explainability, and the classification and sentencing process as a whole, increasing accuracy over time.

Our product suite includes

Insights and helpful links 

  • Data Fabric (DF): is the broad collection of knowledge and information assets that an organisation collects and uses to meet its objectives. SURROUND delivers the capabilities that underpin the key pillars of a comprehensive data fabric, as explained by Gartner.
  • Language Curation (LC): is the management, selection, organisation, and presentation of the use of language, typically at an organisation level, that incorporates general and specialised language usage. 
  • Error Checking (EC): an intelligent technique to validate the technical use of language, to decrease ambiguity, to increase the consistency of metadata and data elements, and to validate that end-to-end processes have been successfully undertaken.