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Deakin Uni & Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2)

SURROUND Australia works with Deakin University and the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) to assess world class software engineering capability.

SURROUND Australia has developed a methodology and a platform for representing knowledge as knowledge graphs to assist organisations making decisions when dealing with complexity. 

The aim is to provide organisations with confidence in the quality of the output by independently assessing the methodology adopted. This will ensure that answers to questions posed are explainable, traceable, and auditable. It will also ensure that the captured knowledge can be transferred without the loss of knowledge.

SURROUND Australia’s team includes internationally renowned Semantic Web, spatial data and machine reasoning experts; with representation on international and local Semantic Web and spatial standards bodies, including the W3C, OGC, and ISO; plus as Co-chair of the Australian Government Linked Data Working Group.

Working with A2I2  from Deakin University, who have a  program dedicated to, “…connecting leading researchers and students with industry and business to develop solutions to local and international challenges, and to aid the success and sustainability of businesses.” 

The research program was sponsored by Professor Rajesh Vasa and Dr. Scott Barnett along with Research Fellows, Dr Andrew Simmons and Dr Rena Logothetis.  

The primary research issue was to  

  • independently assess SURROUND's internal capability using the Capability Maturity Model
  • create a plan for mitigating areas of weakness - especially comprehensive regression testing
  • create a plan for building targeted future capability and
  • continue to build the relationships between SURROUND Australia, Deakin University and A2I2  for future research in semantic interoperability and reasoning across connected knowledge graphs

This is only the first phase in the three-phase research project and we are thoroughly pleased with the work and results of the A2I2 team who have produced an in-depth report with findings and recommendations for applying our methodology to a real-world case study.

Deakin developed a custom maturity model spanning the categories of General Processes, AI Maturity, Software Maturity, Business Processes.  

We look forward to continuing to build and strengthen our relationship with both Deakin University and A2I2 as this project progresses.