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Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment

SURROUND successfully completed a project for the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (DAWE) regarding the Plant Health Surveillance (PHS) Ontology and Vocabularies. This includes:

  • Controlled lists of allowable values
  • Defining terms
  • A central ‘Point of Truth’ - replacing static documents that become out of date
  • Data quality
  • Data validation rules ‘read’ the vocabulary lists and recognise which terms can apply (e.g., trap type for a given pest, or inspection method)
  • Validation of Surveillance Data including:
    • Pest taxa
    • Trap types
    • Lure types
    • Inspection methods

SURROUND’s work with PHS allows data enablers, owners, contributors, consumers, and producers to:

  • Share and publish data requirements for humans and machines
  • Define requirements for:
    • minimum data governance and conformance inclusions
    • data entry and submission
    • best practice data approaches
    • interoperability
    • provenance and traceability
    • priming for use in machine learning (ML)
PHS Insight

Figure X: PHS ontology overview, showing the major classes and their relationships to more abstract ontology elements, from the ontology's official online location at