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UK National Oceanography Centre

SURROUND successfully completed a relevant project in 2021 with the UK National Oceanography Centre. This significantly improved the human and machine-readable capabilities for the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) Vocabulary Server, and APIs for the National Environment Research Council ( Some relevant Vocabulary requirements for DAWE and the BDR included:

  • Content Negotiation for Media Types and Content Negotiation by Profile for different profiles which are necessary to deliver content according to BODC and other profiles
  • reading from the current NVS SPARQL endpoint
  • delivering multiple profiles and media types per resource
  • preserving and proxying to the current SPARQL endpoint

The work packages for this project included:

  • Formalisation of a BODC vocabulary publishing profile (enabling validation)
  • Implementation of custom Vocabulary profiles
    • deployment of the new BODC Vocabulary Publication Profile
    • deployment of general profiles the above derives from: DCAT, DCAT Voc Profile, Voc Pub Profile, SKOS, SKOS CS, PAV & PROV
  • Interoperability Test demonstrations
    • Definition of Use Cases
    • Establishment of tests
      • Including custom software (scripted clients)
    • Reporting of test results
    • Benchmark comparison of BODC with other organisations
  • Installation and Configuration support
  • Semantic Data publication Best Practice guidance


NVS Vocabularies

Figure X: The revamped web page listing the vocabularies ("Collections") managed by the BODC. Online at