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SURROUND Ontology Platform (SOP)

The SURROUND Ontology Platform (SOP) is a proven industrial-strength platform that enables all knowledge sources to be connected and queried both textually and/or visually. 

The SOP leverages the key concept of linking knowledge assets across a data fabric. This enables the user to ask complex questions and receive answers, while having the ability to trace the derivation of the answer. It presents these knowledge assets via connected knowledge graphs, thereby creating linked knowledge graphs that can be used as one  integrated knowledge repository. 

    Leveraging the SOP, our product suite can

    • Provide knowledge insights to generate scenarios, predict outcomes, and explain recommended decisions 
    • Provide answers to complex questions (posed using natural language queries)
    • Enable users to receive answers to questions using faceted searches across information (the connected data fabric)
    • Classify and visualise knowledge and information even when the data fabric changes, using pre-set and dynamic rules 
    • Create multiple relationships between data assets to analyse and visualise testable scenarios relative to specific situations, using techniques such as trade-off analysis and impact analysis (Markov backward-chaining)
    • Automate processes around data lineage, data management, metadata and data governance, exception handling/reporting, and publishing data assets as semantic assets (thereby enabling these assets to be reused by human- and machine-driven processes)
    • Connect to multiple datasets (both internal and external) using a high-performance, industrial-strength API gateway, dedicated connectors, generalised connectors (e.g. JDBC), endpoints, and scripted integration