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Sense-making well beyond just searching

ExploRobot is a flexible and high-performance crawling, indexing, and data cataloguing software robot. This allows personalised search experiences that allow the user to influence the discovery journey with multiple controls and capabilities.   ExploRobot provides a history of search queries, and the ability to improve search results via reinforcement learning.  

Refined, contextual-based search

Search is critical - now more than ever, we need to provide the right tools to find information across masses of document repositories and file shares, some of which contain extremely high (and increasing) volumes of records. 

Organising and creating sense from these repositories requires something more advanced than a keyword search tool. Where traditional search engines may deliver expected answers to queries, ExploRobot goes much further to provide conversational-based enquiry, where there is no single "right answer". 

ExploRobot returns search results, then asks questions such as "Would you like more like this?". ExploRobot is contextually aware, and provides a new paradigm for searching that is "conversational-based".

Interactive and personalised

ExploRobot produces “clustering” of content, so that search becomes more than just finding information. It allows the best, most relevant form of the content to be clustered into conceptual groups within search result-sets.

Through automated analysis of metadata and data, ExploRobot surfaces new views of documents within network drives and document management systems such as TRIM, SharePoint, and Objective. This exposure helps data managers to create interactive and personalised discovery and navigation experiences.

ExploRobot can be easily configured and customised for fast implementation, using a wide set of connectors to popular document repository types. Customised connectors can also be built.

Advanced technology for greater results

The ExploRobot technology delivers advanced information discovery by indexing and parsing information, and extracting meaningful detail from unstructured data.

ExploRobot is able to incorporate encryption, manage languages automatically, and generate clusters for prioritising multiple documents under one rule.


  • Indexing file shares  
  • Full text search
  • Clustering
  • Related results
  • Hotspots
  • App builder UX
  • In-app user support
  • Out-of-the-box integration