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A customisable question and answer search experience

EnquiRobot is a dynamic search tool (software robot) that provides deep exploration of both structured and unstructured content, with an ability to adapt to an individual’s specific search needs. Tailored search, and the results for different roles and their information goals, are driven from exactly the same source content, and cater to specific tasks needing different data, media such as graphics and images, references, and industry-specific search terms.

Using Machine Learning (ML), semantic knowledge graphs, EnquiRobot presents searchers with a set of search methods designed to their information needs. More importantly, EnquiRobot empowers users’ search journey by allowing them to ask questions as they themselves would phrase them (i.e., using “natural language”, and navigate related content that will answer their questions. The user can re-use the same source information across user devices, platforms, and systems through real-time responsive content rendering.

Searchers refine the search space

EnquiRobot utilises all the offerings of ExploRobot, but additionally integrates a powerful content workflow for delivering tuned semantic knowledge and ML customisation focussed on detailed user experiences and subject areas. You can use an intuitive search experience with its inbuilt chatbot flow capability; or use rich natural language search combined with topic and term suggestions, or “did you mean” and “show me more like this” assistance. 

ExploRobot includes a flexible and highly personalised experience that allows you to influence the search journey with multiple controls and capabilities, and is designed to get you to the right information with just a few clicks.  

EnquiRobot can also be used to supplement and enhance existing content by integrating any form of related information, such as interactive content from any external or related content feed, dynamic data visualisations, interactive images, VR, and Augmented Reality. This integrated content is enriched even further to contain embedded semantic information, so that no matter the format, users can discover it through search.

EnquiRobot is a contextually-aware high-performance software robot which is able to answer a wide range of natural language questions, and provide connected evidence supporting the answers generated. EnquiRobot features include:

  • Natural language queries to simplify user inputs
  • “Did you mean?" responses by EnquiRobot suggest a closely matching query, topic, or term; correct query spellings with actual content; and improve mis-queries
  • “More Like this” responses by EnquiRobot show similar search results on related content to assist the user in discovering the best information filtering and facets, enabling refinement of query results
  • A broad set of connected knowledge graphs
  • An ensemble of reasoning processes
  • Available on desktop and mobile
  • Designed to support a wide range of data corpora sources.