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Product Strategy Introduction

SURROUND Knowledge Graph (KG) Product Family is your pathway to new insights into your data and closing the gaps in your existing data holdings. 

Our data fabric solutions are comprised of knowledge graph-oriented technology components.  They are offered to the market as a series of products aligned to the industry (such as agribusiness - AgKG) and domain-specific verticals (such as carbon management - CarbonKG).  

The products comprise advisory services, semantics, ontology, supporting infrastructure components, and deployment.  The profile and relevance of knowledge graph technology are rising as business leaders look for new and safer ways to create enduring business value, meaning, and insight from their digital data holdings.

Through a reference architecture and methodology, we bring together best-of-breed technology components for data modelling, governance, curation, and knowledge graph development and management.

Together with SURROUND’s R&D product portfolio, our solution orchestration capability combines advisory, technology, and service-related components through a ready-to-go platform delivered in the cloud or on-prem where required. 



Following is a schematic of the SURROUND Knowledge Graph Product Family and components

SURROUND knowledge graph product family (Go To Market Packaging)