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SURROUND works with organisations to enable them to maximise the value they get from their data. As a result, we frequently find ourselves providing advice about some very powerful approaches to data management that depend on sophisticated data structures, such as those based on formal ontologies and the Semantic Web.

Over years we’ve developed a series of tools to asssit with the production and management of ontological and Sematic Web data:

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Gov Knowledge Graph


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These products do very different things and sometimes interact. You may be able to use them separately or together.

ACBT and SORT Robot are tools for sophisticated classification, of electronic documents and financial transactions respectively. GovKG is a data product that contains a large collection of government structural, functional and capability data.

Underlying platform - SOP

These products are all supported by the SURROUND Ontology Platform (SOP) which is, itself, supported by Top Quadrant’s excellent and industry leading Enterprise Data Governance Framework:

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SURROUND Ontology Platform