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SURROUND Ontology Platform

The SURROUND Ontology Platform (SOP) is an ontology- and machine learning- (ML) powered platform for managing knowledge graph information assets.

With the SOP, you can coordinate large collections of models, vocabularies, metadata and data. Without such a platform, it is unfeasible to track changing assets (versions), transform data structures, visualise, and report on complex multi-part graphs of information.

SOP is based on the very best of modern modelling systems - the Semantic Web. It treats all assets as independent knowledge graphs, which it connects together to create super-graphs that can be used as one integrated system.

SOP is cloud-provisioned, access it via web browsers

What sets SOP apart?

nurturing graphs
Nurture your graphs!
  1. Advanced support for the management of modular knowledge graphs via automatable transactions
  2. Provenance and dependency tracking across full lifecycle of knowledge integration, configurable workflows and exploitation phases
  3. Transparent and repeatable ETL processes using open data standards for knowledge integration

SOP is deployed in conjunction with other applications for particular purposes, such as Machine Learning tools for automated document classification.

We currently support a number of SOP deployments that are tuned for different scenarios however all SOP instances hundreds of pre-loaded interconnected ontologies to manage things of general utility such as time, location, provenance, enterprise assets, rules, and both standard and ad-hoc queries.

SURROUND also maintains a number of products built on SOP and other applications:

How do I use it?

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